Tackling Dyslexia

Author: Ann Cooke

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

Total Pages: 276

This must be done before separate questions are tackled ; the specific keywords for each question should be marked ... at an 8 - year reading level ) , it is useful to check that they can read equivalent 154 Tackling Dyslexia : 2nd Edition.

Summary and Note-Taking

Author: Marian Barry

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Total Pages: 89

TACKLING. DYSLEXIA. IN. CHILDREN. Children who are dyslexic have problems processing specific visual information, resulting in trouble reading and writing. Until recently, it was thought to be language-related areas of the brain which ...

Dyslexia in the Workplace

Author: Diana Bartlett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Total Pages: 328

In tackling their difficulties, dyslexic employees will need to cover the following three general areas. Firstly, they will need to learn strategies and techniques to help them improve their general efficiency at work.

Fifty Years in Dyslexia Research

Author: Timothy R. Miles

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Total Pages: 168

Baddeley, A.D., Ellis, N.C., Miles, T.R. and Lewis, V. (1982) Developmental and acquired dyslexia: a comparison. Cognition, 11 (2), 185–199. ... Cooke, E.A. (1993) Tackling Dyslexia the Bangor Way, Whurr, London.

Living with Dyslexia

Author: Chris Eboch

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

Total Pages: 114

Your family members can be your best allies in tackling dyslexia. However, don't use dyslexia as an excuse—and don't let your family members expect less of you because of it. In the end, you are the one most responsible for your own ...


Author: Gavin Reid

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Total Pages: 457

TACKLING. DYSLEXIA. Cooke (2002) has developed a different version of the above and incorporates new approaches to teaching phonics. She also indicates that the nature of the task is important, and the programme she has developed takes ...

Dyslexia 2nd Edition

Author: Gavin Reid

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Total Pages: 216

Having presented courses on dyslexia in over 30 Countries, I have noted the progress and the desire among practitioners and policy-makers to establish and develop knowledge and expertise in dealing with dyslexia in the Classroom.


Author: Miles, T.R

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

Total Pages: 208

(1980) An Investigation into University Provision for Dyslexic Students. ... Chinn, S. (1992) Individual diagnosis and cognitive style, in T.R. Miles and E. Miles (eds) Dyslexia and ... (1993) Tackling Dyslexia: The Bangor Way.


Author: Trevor Payne

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Total Pages: 276

Stirling , E. Help for the Dyslexic Adolescent , St David's College , Llandudno . ... Gilroy , D. Applying to Higher Education for Dyslexic Students , Dyslexia Unit , Bangor University . ... Cooke , A. Tackling Dyslexia ...