Universal Carrier 1936–48

Author: David Fletcher

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Total Pages: 48

This name would stick with the Universal Carrier and all of its future variants. This book details the Carrier, which was employed in a number of roles including carrying ammunition and towing anti-aircraft guns and trailers.

Universal and Bren Gun Carrier

Author: Merriam Press


Total Pages: 178

This volume provides a history and data on the variety of carriers, illustrated with 487 photos and illustrations, 2 drawings. A Merriam Press World War II History.

Bren Gun Carrier

Author: Robert Jackson

Publisher: Pen and Sword

Total Pages: 64

Carrier, Machine Gun, No 1 Mk I. Developed by Vickers in 1936, this vehicle became the prototype for subsequent machine gun and Bren Gun carriers. It was originally intended that the vehicle would carry an independent machine gun team ...




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In this volume in Pen & Sword's LandCraft series, Robert Jackson traces its design and manufacturing history and describes its operational role throughout its long career.

Universal Carrier 1936–48

Author: David Fletcher

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Total Pages: 48

The 'Bren Gun Carrier' Story David Fletcher. 10 battalions and formed into independent battalions, not unlike the Machine Gun Corps of the First World War. Meanwhile, the Bren gun would be issued to the infantry and employed down to ...

Encyclopedia of Military Technology and Innovation

Author: Stephen Bull

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Total Pages: 331

Bren Gun Breech Loading FIREARMS Guns that load at the rear, or breech, end are of much greater antiquity than is ... Bren Carrier, Carden Loyd, Universal Carrier, Cargo Carrier T16 VEHICLE The idea of tracked carriers goes back to ...

World War Two in Europe

Author: David T. Zabecki

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Total Pages: 1920

Although Britain built more than 35,000 of them , Their successor was the highly effective GMC the universal carriers , also called Bren gun carriers , M - 10 , the 3 - inch M - 5 gun on an M - 4A2 tank tended to be used mostly for ...

Logistics in World War II

Author: John Norris

Publisher: Pen and Sword Military

Total Pages: 456

The best known of these was the Universal or 'Bren Gun Carrier' which continued to be used throughout the war and became a veritable workhorse, not only for the British army but for several Allied armies as well. The Bren Gun Carrier ...

World War II Trucks and Tanks

Author: John Norris

Publisher: The History Press

Total Pages: 390

The actual term 'Bren gun carrier' was applied to only one specific model in a range more correctly termed the 'Universal carrier'. However, the name was popular with the troops and it stuck, no matter what role the vehicle served in, ...