Chemical Elements In Life

Chemical Elements In Life

How did life begin? Starting with the Big Bang Theory, this book systematically discusses scientific findings and hypotheses on topics such as the origin of chemical elements, formation of life on Earth, evolution of life elements, their subtle chemical reactions and miraculous physiological functions. The content in this book is carefully arranged to focus on major scientific discoveries in various disciplines related to life science, with particular emphasis on the vital relationship between chemical reactions in the human body and health, shedding light on hot issues of public concern such as nutrition and human longevity. Important concepts covered include chemical circulation and the dynamic balance of elements both within ourselves, and with the environment. Ultimately, the takeaway message is that the success of keeping the tree of life evergreen depends not only on the advancement of life science research, but also on whether human beings can follow the laws of nature and maintain a harmonious relationship with the earth.

Publisher World Scientific
Release Date
ISBN 9811210349
Pages 684 pages
Rating 4/5 (41 users)

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