The World Food Programme and Global Food Security

The World Food Programme and Global Food Security

Hunger and malnutrition are long-term problems facing the world. Recent food price rises have greatly exacerbated the difficulties poor people face in accessing nourishing food and have dragged up to 100 million people back into poverty. The World Food Programme's (WFP) 'pipeline' of emergency food has never been more important. WFP does crucial work at the frontline of humanitarian emergencies and in building the resilience of communities to deal with long-term hunger. Up to 20 million tonnes of food may be needed to feed new groups of people being pushed into poverty by food price rises. Significant increases to the WFP's budget are likely to be needed in order to secure this additional food supply. The usual annual total of US$3 billion in voluntary contributions may need to double to US$5-6 billion. Malnutrition is responsible for one-third of child deaths, yet it is under-funded and under-emphasised by the international community and the UN system. The Committee is shocked that DFID lacks a specific nutrition policy and measurable targets for assessing progress in reducing malnutrition. The establishment of the UN Taskforce and its Comprehensive Framework for Action on food security are positive steps. Agencies such as DFID and the WFP must look beyond the current crisis and address long-term drivers of food security. DFID should re-focus on agriculture. Reforms to the UN system are another important factor in improving future responses to food insecurity. There is scope for far greater integration of the work done by the three Rome-based UN agencies. Identifying the WFP as the lead UN agency on hunger would contribute to a more coherent international approach.

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