*55% Off Bookstores! NOW at $ 38,95 instead of $ 48,95!* Do you believe in healing through the use of natural remedies and sources? Do you wish to learn to make use of natural sources by making your own medicines for a healthier and safer lifestyle, all while saving money? Herbal antibiotics have been used throughout the centuries as natural treatments for hundreds of diseases and ailments, including wisdom teeth extraction, broken bones and even surgery-and like 98% of Americans, you've probably taken a course of synthetic antibiotics to help you recover. While there's nothing wrong with synthetic antibiotics, BIG Pharma's running scared of the natural alternative to their expensive drugs (and profits) -while you can utilize natural remedies that leave less impact on the environment and your internal body chemistry. Herbal Antibiotics is the most in-depth introduction to natural healing and herbal medicine available today, giving you the explanations on why certain herbs work as herbal antivirals and herbal antibiotics and how you can use them to fight your next infection-or simply boost your immunity to nasties in your area! Organic antibiotics aren't hokum, they are a legitimate way to treat some of the most prevalent infections and sicknesses that we get today. What's covered in Herbal Antibiotics? Here's a brief overview: - Learn to pick, prepare and use the Top 45 Most Valuable Herbs that you can easily find growing in your area, or even in your local grocery store or health food shop with our in-depth profiles, featuring illustrations. - Discover how to fight bad bacteria with herbal treatments-and how they compare to traditional treatments available from your pharmacist. - Find out what are the 5 Key Essential Oils with Natural Antibiotic properties. Buy it NOW and let your customer get addicted to this amazing book!!

Publisher Thomas Watson
Release Date
ISBN 9781802870008
Pages 74 pages
Rating 4/5 (08 users)

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*55% Off Bookstores! NOW at $ 38,95 instead of $ 48,95!* Do you believe in healing through the use of natural remedies and sources? Do you wish to learn to make
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