Kama Sutra mini book

Kama Sutra mini book

Reawaken your desire by discovering the magic of Kama Sutra. Petite and portable, this new edition of the Kama Sutra is great for discovering passionate positions, anywhere! This mini Kama Sutra book is the perfect quick reference guide to a passionate lifestyle. Featuring 64 erotic positions from the sacred art of Kama Sutra, this take-anywhere mini-book is sure to bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! Within, you'll find illustrative photographs of a scintillating Kama Sutra posesâ??from the sultry Splitting of the Bamboo to the adventurous Tripod. Each pose contains detailed instructions to explain just how to maneuver into each position. Perfect for anyone looking to add some fiery flavor to the bedroom, this mini Kama Sutra is your quick guide to prolonged ecstasy!

Publisher Quiver
Release Date
ISBN 9781592336647
Pages 112 pages
Rating 4/5 (47 users)

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