Produced by Faith

Produced by Faith

STRAIGHT FROM HOLLYWOOD comes a dynamic business model for building a thriving career without compromising your faith. DeVon Franklin, vice president of production for Columbia Pictures, shares how being bold about his Christian faith while being driven and ambitious has actually worked in his favor to help him excel in a high-profile, fast-paced, competitive industry. You are the movie. Produced by Faith parallels each step of the Hollywood filmmaking process with the faith-making process God uses to turn your career into a success. You will discover that it is possible to be both wildly successful and completely committed to God—and that you will be even more successful when you place your faith at the center of your career. You can unleash the power of your faith as your greatest professional advantage and use the compass of God’s Word to guide you to your true passion and purpose in life. In this informative, inspiring book, DeVon reveals the secrets to maintaining your faith while advancing in your career. Here he shows you: * How to discover The Big Idea for your life * How to take your career to the next level * How to recognize the signs God sends you that indicate when it’s time to movein a new direction * How to stand firm on your Christian principles without compromise * How to work with people who don’t understand your beliefs * How to choose a profession, industry, or company that is in tune with your purpose DeVon says, “I know from my own experiences that if you will put your career in God’s hands and trust Him, you can’t account for all the ways He will bless you. When you step out in faith, He will open doors and bring you opportunities that will surpass even your wildest expectations. . . . If I have learned anything, it’s this: To get where you want to go, you’ve first got to become the person God wants you to be.”

Publisher Howard Books
Release Date
ISBN 9781451671964
Pages 256 pages
Rating 4/5 (62 users)

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