Purple Earth

Purple Earth

"OK! Just one problem." "WHAT?! More problems" "Well, there is no solution..." What if you are stuck in such a situation? What would you do? Know how, by reading this story of extraordinarily ardent teens and the complications they tackle in this amazing journey. Andrew and his five friends who are almost the same age are very much inquisitive about science. They do a lot of amusing stuff with science from teasing to teaching. Once they all decide to go to Andrew's father's lab while he was out for an ALIEN RESEARCH CONFERENCE. They all have fun which lasted for only a few minutes and later turned into a catastrophic event. Karen, who is also one of them, accidentally turns on a machine which was among one of Andrew's father's secret projects. It takes them to a completely another world. They find the world to be entirely purple colored and a tall alien-like purple colored man that takes them to a journey to his world but Karen's mischief leads them to yet another problem and they get trapped there, forever.

Publisher Yash Sharma
Release Date
Pages 64 pages
Rating 4/5 ( users)

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