Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You

Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You

Would you enjoy a life where suffering truly becomes optional? And one where pain morphs into one of your greatest allies? Would you like to know exactly why the statement "You'll see it when you believe it" is absolutely true and learn how to completely manifest your most pleasing life possible by living according to its accurate description of how our universe works? Are you, like so many of us, finally ready to release yourself from the shackles of old, outdated paradigms created from an incomplete understanding of how our material reality is created? And, instead, start creating a life much more aligned with your greatest desires? It is now possible, thanks to quantum physics, to jettison our ineffective, outdated reasons for doing things the way we do them. These old paradigms, not much different from the ones used by our Neanderthal ancestors, have kept most of us from realizing our greatest desires. The truth is that you were born, not only to desire, but also fully able to grow into any desire you have. You are not here to play small, you are not unimportant, and you did not come here to suffer. In Why Quantum Physicists Play "Grow a Greater You", you will learn the most important and enriching game a human being can play. "Grow a Greater You" is so significant it virtually assures you the best life humanly possible. In fact, "Grow a Greater You" is actually a textbook for the game you came here to play. With it you will finally unleash and unlock your inherent potential to be massively influential over all your life experiences, aligning them with your grandest desires.

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ISBN 9781500445850
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